Dog Training Methods and Approach

Jason teaches a reward based system of ” first command response” dog training. Your dog will learn to happily comply to your first command everywhere, anywhere and all the time. All training techniques used in this program are humane, effective, fun and rewarding for both dog and handler. Jason’s approach to the art and science of dog training also aims to improve and refine the communication system between dog and human making training much easier.

  • Reward based training
  • 25% food reward, 75% verbal and tactile praise
  • Engagement training
  • Verbal markers
  • Foot signals, hand signals, voice commands
  • No use of punishment
  • No clickers
  • No ‘halti’ collars
  • No pinning or abusive techniques
  • All training techniques will naturally reinforce and enhance a trusting relationship and strong bond between dog and human
  • Practical and effective training and commands will last for your dog’s lifetime.