Dog Obedience School

Does your dog pull on the leash? Will your dog ignore your command to stay or come when called? Come and learn how to train your dog in a fun and stress-free learning environment. No experience required! Dogs love to be trained.Training stimulates a dog’s mind and fulfills their instinctive desire to work and please their owners. Dogs love the attention and praise they get when you spend time with them. Your dog will shine!


Novice Level, 10 weeks (for dogs 13 weeks old & up)

  • Heeling
  • Recalls
  • Sit at heel
  • Sit for introduction ( prevents jumping)
  • Sit stay
  • Down at heel
  • Down stay
  • Stand for examination ( for vet check, or bathing)
  • Release command
  • Hand and foot signals, voice commands
  • Developing impulse control

Intermediate Level, 10 weeks (Novice level prerequisite)

  • All commands use voice, hand and foot signals
  • Developing off leash obedience ( heeling, recalls and stay commands)
  • Sit and down stays at distance and with handler out of sight
  • Commands in motion
  • Food refusal
  • Distraction proofing
  • Place command
  • Scent detection training games
  • Dog past dog recalls
  • Dog through dog recalls
  • Developing distance and duration for commands
  • Reality training and street proofing


10-week Novice level course $350
10-week Intermediate course $350

* (prices include HST)