Dog Behavior Management

Home visits/ Private training for behavior modification or obedience

Jason offers a unique and personalized ‘house call’ service to make training more convenient for clients. Training sessions can be 1-on-1 or with family members in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you may spend time with your dog. Educating a dog on its home turf is important so that it can learn and respect the rules, boundaries and members of the household. With personal coaching and individual attention to your specific training needs and those of your canine, you will achieve successful results for you and your dog while mastering skills in the art of training and leadership.

Private training and house calls are available for the following:

Unwanted Behaviors

  • Dog aggression and reactivity
  • Stop dog biting and nipping
  • Stop dog barking excessively
  • Stop destructive behavior in the home
  • Jumping on visitors
  • Stop hole digging
  • Stop Chasing bikes, skateboards, joggers or cars
  • Phobias and fixations
  • Stop dog chewing
  • Pulling on leash

Crate training and house training

Rescue Dog Rehabilitation

  • Selecting and assessing the right dog
  • Introducing a new dog into your house
  • Balancing behavior – too aggressive? – too scared or timid?
  • Playtime dos and don’ts

Collar, Leash and Product advice

  • Learn which training collars are right for your dog
  • Which toys are safe for your dog and which ones will create and encourage bad behavior
  • Food and treat choices

Ownership Essentials and Pack Leadership

  • Becoming pack leader
  • Maintaining rules and boundaries
  • Learn to understand canine body language and communication
  • Learn proper and humane discipline techniques
  • Dos and don’ts of ownership
  • Introducing your dog to other dogs and humans

Behavioral Consultation

Jason will meet with you and assess your dog and your specific concerns, offering strategies and solutions for you to try and implement on your own.


8 week Home Visit program $650
Private Training $80/hr
(prices include HST)

* Travel expenses added for Home Visits outside of Guelph