Shute Balanced Dog Training

Jason Shute brings a highly effective, enjoyable. practical and humane approach to the art and science of training a dog. As an experienced professional dog trainer and canine behavior expert, he can help you achieve all of your dog training goals. Using a well-balanced combination of concise dog obedience training techniques, 1-on-1 personal coaching, and group classes, Jason can help train and maintain your dog and can teach you the communication, training and leadership skills required to develop a lasting, balanced and harmonious relationship with your dog.

 Jason can train any human regardless of experience level to train any dog, regardless of size, breed or temperament. He can remedy existing dog problems and can help you with all areas of dog training including puppy training, adult dog training, therapy dog training, multiple levels of obedience training, effective solutions for unwanted behaviors, off leash obedience and behavior modification.


Dog Obedience School

Does your dog pull on the leash? Will your dog ignore your command to stay or come when called? Come and learn how to train your dog in a fun and stress-free learning environment. No experience required! Dogs love to be trained.Training stimulates a dog’s mind and fulfills their instinctive desire to work and please their owners. Dogs love the attention and praise they get when you spend time with them. Your dog will shine!


Dog Behavior Management

Jason offers a unique and personalized ‘house call’ service to make training more convenient for clients. Training sessions can be 1-on-1 or with family members in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you may spend time with your dog. Educating a dog on its home turf is important so that it can learn and respect the rules, boundaries and members of the household.


Therapy Dog Certification

Jason is the Ontario adjudicator for Companion Paws ( Canada), assessing and certifying therapy dogs and conducts monthly workshops for those interested in therapy dog work.


About Jason Shute

Jason is certified master dog trainer and dog behavior specialist based in Guelph, Ontario and has trained dogs internationally. Jason studied the art and science of dog training with Michael Ellis at the Michael Ellis School for Professional Dog Trainers in Santa Rosa, California, and apprenticed with master dog trainer Dave McMahon in Niagara Falls. He has also studied the Science of Working Dogs with Professional Animal Behavior Associates at the University of Guelph and attended scent detection seminars with Urban Search and Rescue, ATS K9 Services, Search and Rescue Ontario, and FireK9, an arson detection dog unit based in California.

Preparing Dogs for the Real World


An absolutely amazing trainer. We highly recommend Jason and his training techniques
Agnes and familyGuelph